You could have a fun, quick and easy one page website for $585!


I have been playing around with building websites and created this super quick and sexy one page website using Divi theme. 

I’m happy to make you one of these for $585 and teach you how to upload all of your own content into it whiz bang

Got in touch with me – you can book a 15 minute free chat in the Work with Me menu link in the top. 

This website is for you if:

  • You have a limited budget and are in the DIY mode
  • You aren’t scared of tech
  • You have your branding sorted OR you are happy to wing it for now
  • You understand that WordPress is the one for you because you’re going to grow like crazy
  • You and I are a good fit on an interpersonal level (we get along ok)

Your Awesome Life Changing Service

This is where you share the way that people can work with you; where you put all the info about your service. You would also have a call to action to book their session and/or pay. I recommend Acuity because if you are service-based and have the Emerging Entrepreneur service, people can go ahead and book and pay before their session.

In my case, this is what you get with the one-page website:

A one-page website using WordPress and Divi them

A 45-minute session with me to clarify how the site will look and feel

A list of things I need from you to move forward

Hosting set up on Zuver at the ongoing price of $6/mo

Heaps of super easy to follow videos to help you pop your own content into the site

 Email support for 4 weeks

A 15-minute completion of project meeting

This thing you are in right now is called an accordian. This is a way to showcase maybe 2-3 different services in a very small space.
Service 2
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Ready to work together but want a chat first?

I use Acuity to allow clients to book their free 15-minute chats and also to book and pay for sessions. If you like the idea of a one-page website you can go ahead and book your free 15-minute session below.

This is an example of my clever template images that tell you exactly what size image needs to go here. You can create your own images in Canva (or Adobe) and then plop them into the website and know they are going to display like a boss. Correct image size also ensures your website doesn’t take forever to load (super important!).

About Me (hate this font? we can change it!)

I’m Natasha Berta, a Marketing Consultant, and Business Technology Coach.

I love to head out into the wilderness and come back with a map and hold your hand while we go there together.

In this case, it’s the internet and I want to help you grow your business. I love to help amplify things I care about.

So, if we have a chat, and we seem to get along alright, then working together is probably a good idea.

Anyone can build you a website, but how will you cope when things go wrong or get weird (which can totally happen when you’re trying to build a website).

The best thing to do is meet me in a free 15-minute chat. Or you could check me out on YouTube. I have a tonne of videos over there and I think they’re a pretty good representation of who I am and what I’m like (for better or worse LOL).